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PS. We do not recommend using a Smart TV directly:
- They are slow
- Require third party apps which cost extra
- The apps have limited features
- Smart TVs performance degrades quickly so will be slow.
- Relies on third party app to work, we cannot do anything about their downtime.

Just purchase an Amazon Firestick, and then come back to us for a trial once you have it.

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Warning: trial requests will be ignored if they do not contain real information.

If your TV is powered by the android OS (it has the Playstore) you can follow the Android guide and use our own apps. Click the blue button above.

Samsung and LG TVs Only:

Warning: IBO Player (the app used to connect to Nova on Smart TV, costs a one-off fee of 6 euro, paid directly to IBO, (after a free trial)

We recommend you use another device instead of a smart tv directly, for example an Amazon Firestick. This is our advice, but many people use Smart TV and are happy with it, but it is much better on another device.

Smart TV Set-up: (LG & Samsung only):

1. Install an app called IBO Player from your TVs content store
2. Open the app and you will see Device ID & Device Key on screen.
3. Complete the form below​

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